Enamel Acrylic

          Blue line

Alcohol based

Red line

I 1

Zelená na skvrny

Mottle Green

Verde mimetico 1

  Mottles on I 4 for desert areas use or on I 2 for European territory till 1941


x x

I 2

Základní zelená

Upper Green

Verde mimetico 2

  Uppersurfaces with I 1 mottles till 1941. Cocpit interiors, inside constructions x x x

I 3

Univerzální zelená

Overall Green

Verde oliva scuro

  From 1941 supllied all still used green shades on uppersurfaces Italian planes x x x

I 4



Nocciola chiaro

  Uppersurfaces with I 1 mottles (late I 3) for desert areas, sometimes as a spots on I 1 x x x

I 5



Grigio mimetico

  Undersurfaces of Italian planes W.W.II x x x

I 6

Jasně zelená

Bright Green

Verde anticorozione

  Undercoat of cocpits interiors and inside construction. x x  

I 7

Světlá písková

Light Sand

Giallo mimetico 2

  Overall surfaces with I 2 and I 9 or I 3 and I 9 mottles. x x  

I 8

Zlatá písková

Gold Sand

Giallo mimetico 3

  Uppersurfaces with I 1, I 2 or I 3 mottles, sometimes as mottles on I 2 or I 3 x x  

I 9

Hnědá tříslová

Brovn Tan

Bruno mimetico

  Uppersurfaces with I 3 mottles, also as mottles on others shades. x x  

I 10

Tmavá šedá

Dark Grey

Grigio Azzurro scuro

  Uppersurfaces of Italian navy and float planes W.W.II x x  

I 11

Světlá šedá

Light Grey

Grigio azzurro chiaro

  Undersurfaces of Italian navy and float planes W.W.II. Sometimes suplied I 5 by army planes. x x  

I 12

Světlá krémová

Light Cream

Bianco avorio

  Overall surfaces of transport or reconaisance Italian planes of WW.II x x